Migrating this blog from Gandi to my NAS

In January 2020, I received a mail from Gandi, the registrar for my domain name, stating that they were ending the free "GandiBlog" feature after 13 years of service.

I admit I'm not using this blog much, but some posts have been somewhat popular, so I thought I had to migrate it and started considering my options:

Gandi themselves propose a migration path but it requires a paying hosting, and I didn't feel like paying for such a small use. So I started investigating the possibility of hosting the blog locally on my NAS, and here is the result...

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Binary stepwise division explained

Trying to write an emulator, I had a hard time finding back how stepwise division was implemented. I think I now have it, so I'm going to share it here in the hope it can be useful to others.

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